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Cavalcade of Perversion

A tasteful Group about BAD taste :)

10/30/09 03:21 pm - olivepallas

Name:  Bitty DeGiobbi
Age(if you'd like to share):  19
Location:  Nova Scotia, Canada
Favorite John Waters Movie:  Pink Flamingos/Female Trouble (its a tye)
Why is that your favorite?  Because transgression cinema is sexy and makes me cum
Post your favorite John Waters Related photo (remember if it's not under a cut keep it 400x400): 
Anything else you'd like to share?
  Free Charles 'Tex' Watson

4/25/09 02:37 pm - jesuscooter - HELP YOU COMMUNITY OWNER PLEASE???

***Okay so I know this isn't John Waters related and I'm SORRY!!! But I really need your votes, PLEASE!!!***
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So it's not text onlyCollapse )

12/8/06 01:40 pm - oktopuss2611 - John Waters Playdate, 2006

John Waters Playdate, 2006

3/5/06 03:33 pm - bloodlustwaltz - Movies that will corrupt you


3/4/06 08:54 pm - bloodlustwaltz - Love Letter to Edie


1/20/06 08:38 am - cypridophobia

I was really bored so I made this
Image hosting by Photobucket

1/17/06 02:21 am - bloodlustwaltz - smack smack

I love this film, but I think Cecil B. Demented is John's worst.  It just doesn't feel like John Waters.  Maybe its the music in the film...idk..

12/29/05 10:51 pm - comewithgirl

Name: Kristen
Age(if you'd like to share): 19
Location: South Carolina
Favorite John Waters Movie: Female Trouble.
Why is that your favorite? I fucking love Mink Stole and the parts where there's music played over Divine screaming at people and whatever are hilarious.
Post your favorite John Waters Related photo (remember if it's not under a cut keep it 400x400): all I have on hand is an icon I made from Pink Flamingos:

Anything else you'd like to share? Tell your mother I hate her! Tell your mother I hate you!

9/21/05 12:50 pm - cypridophobia - They threw away my Crack !

So a few days ago my brother was visiting his friend in the hospital and bringing her stuff. He asked me if I had any books that he could take her to read. So I go in my room and grab CrackPot. I give him it and he leaves. A couple hours later he comes back. He's like "umm Jenn I'm sorry". And I said " what are you talking about?". He then told me that his friend is actually in a psychward. And when you are going in they check whatever you're bringing in. So the security guard let in a stuffed bear, a book of edgar allen poe poems he then quickly glanced over the cover of CrackPot and told my brother he couldn't bring it in to her and then he threw it into the trash ! My Book ! I wanted to let my fellow John Waters fans know of this in-justice. And apparently Edgar Allen Poe is just fine for people in the psychward but John Waters will immediatley be thrown into the trash. Obsesions.. Crack.. Pot.. It's just not good.

9/13/05 12:21 am - cypridophobia

Name: Jenn
Age : 17
Location: Rosendale, NY
Favorite John Waters Movie: CryBaby and Polyester
Because I wish my grandma was like Ramona Rickettes and Polyester because I love Cuddles and Divine was amazing in this movie.
Post your favorite John Waters Related photo : My favorite photo is the one I'm using as my Icon
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